New York Times Reports 1 in 3 Seniors Will Fall This Year...
It Could Happen to You as Soon as Tomorrow
But TODAY, I’ll Show You How to Stop It:

This 10-Minute “Balance Switch”
Is Scientifically PROVEN to
Lower Your Risk of Falling

(Flipping it “On” It Could

Revealed Below:


  • Shocking data from The University of Toronto shows 2 out of 5 of seniors with fractured hips will DIE within 6 months of the injury... (1)
  • My recent discovery of the REAL reason seniors fall (incredibly, it has nothing to do with strength, vision, or brittle bones…) (2)
  • The “Balance Switch” — a set of gentle exercise moves PROVEN to lower your risk of falling in 10 minutes a day

Dear Reader,

The story I’m about to share with you may be difficult to read...but it could also save your life.

If you are over 55, and if you worry about falling...

Your life may depend on hearing this story.

(If you find it disturbing... I think you will thank me in 90 seconds.)

Jean was a 63-year old woman from Connecticut.

I’m going to tell you the story of:

How 1 tiny inch of raised concrete broke
her hip… and ruined her life forever

On an Easter morning like any other, her two sons walked beside her.

As they made their way from the parking lot to the chapel...

Her high heel caught the raised lip of concrete on the handicap ramp.

And before her sons could catch her, Jean sprawled onto rock-hard ground...Her hip took the brunt of the impact

CRACK. The ball of her femur broke in half.

After a few seconds of agony, she vomited on herself… then passed out from the pain.

Blood pooled around her head, which also struck the pavement.

(But her journey into a world of suffering had hardly begun.)

When she came to in the hospital… oxygen tubes twisting out of her nose...

A torrent of fear coursed through her mind:

“Who is going to take care of me?” …

“Who is going to feed my dog?” … 

“Will I need to live in a home after this?” …

And, the thought that kept her awake for that next week in the hospital:

“Am I going to die?”

Read on to discover the 10-minute “Balance Switch” that could prevent a life-threatening fall like this one

6 months later — because Jean couldn’t feed, bathe, or clothe herself — she was forced into her worst nightmare:

A nursing home.

Cane in hand to go anywhere, even the bathroom...

Her sense of independence, left shattered on that cold hard ground where she slipped.

Depression swept over her. Now, at every step, she’s worrying:

Will this be the one where I fall again?

But she would never get that far...

After a few months of torture bearing down on Jean’s body and mind…

… complications from that Easter morning slip would finally kill her.

If you are over 55, this sad
fate could happen to you today
(Every 19 minutes , an older American
DIES from a fall…)

That’s a FACT, pulled directly from an alarming CBS News report. (3)

Now, before I get into the urgent statistics, let me be clear:

Jean’s story is an assemblance of many people I’ve met in my 25 years as an injury specialist…

(One of them being my own dear mother)

But it’s a story that happens every day, all across America. And it can happen to you when you least expect it.

But in the next 5 minutes, I’ll show you a scientifically proven way to lower your risk of falling drastically... with a set of exercise moves you can do in a chair.

Even better, you can do it without special shoes or glasses … without a caretaker… a cane... or a walker...

This epidemic hits close to home, as I almost lost my own mother to a fall this year.

So the deeper I dug into the statistics, the more horrified (and set on finding a cure) I became:

  • CBS News reports that each year, 29 million Americans fall… and that: “Older adult falls are increasing and, sadly, [causing] the end of independence”. And it’s getting worse… (3)
  • The Center for Disease Control & Prevention predicts 3 million older Americans will visit the E.R. for a fall this year… 300,000 of those will break their hip… (4)(5)
  • And according to the Yale School of Medicine, your risk of a long-term nursing home stay is 3.3 times higher after a fall injury... (6)

(Source: Center for Disease Control & Prevention)

All of this is shocking enough, yet this University of Toronto doctor’s estimate was the most horrifying one of all...

Up to 40 percent of seniors who've tumbled and fractured a hip will die within six months (7)

- Dr. Brian Maki, University of Toronto

Do you see what this means?

If the CDC’s prediction is correct, and Dr. Brian’s statistic holds up — that means a potential...

120,000 Americans Could Die
From Hip Fractures This YEAR Alone
(Here’s How to Avoid This Same Fate)

That’s DOUBLE the number of Americans who died in the Vietnam War.

I don’t show you this to scare you, but to point out that the common advice doesn’t address the real root cause of falling…

...and therefore doesn’t protect you from the life threatening risks.

You know the tips: remove throw rugs & clutter… get better lighting… get your vision checked…

But here’s the thing:

NONE of this addresses the underlying issue: something a University of Toronto doctor only recently discovered… which I’ll explain in a short moment.

What’s more, if you use the “Balance Switch” I’ve developed, you could lower your risk of falling… in as little as 10 minutes a day.

It’s a gentle series of exercise moves you can do from home.

Remarkably, it works even if you have osteoporosis… even if you don’t exercise… and even if you’ve fallen before.

Just meet a few of the smart folks who changed their lives with moves like the ones I’ll show you today:

Ronda Hansen from Rockford, IL says:

“My bad knees, wrists, and neck have greatly improved in terms of mobility and decreasing pain… I have seen improvements in my strength and balance.”

Elaine Patterson from Atlanta, GA says:

“Who knew I was so wobbly!? Anyone who wants to improve balance or relieve stiffness/pain or wants to gain flexibility can find something”

Brian LaBeouf from St. Petersburg, FL says:

“Great for this 67 year young guy trapped in an old body. Not only can I do the routines, they seem to be helping a lot. Straightforward - nothing exotic - and even though some are challenging (like those for balance and flexibility), all are doable.”

Lee Jenkins  from Seattle, WA says:

“I'm 76 and badly out of shape. Have lost my balance, strength and flexibility. Take it from me, I have already noticed immediate, positive results.

I actually look forward to doing the exercises at least once a day. I hate to exercise and I certainly do not like to sweat! Obviously I got my money's worth, I have been reinvigorated”

Imagine the peace of mind:

Knowing you’ll always be able to take care of yourself… for your family (someone’s gotta feed the dog!)...

Knowing you can breeze up and down any flight of stairs... with confidence you haven’t felt in years...

That’s exactly what I’d like to help you achieve today.

My name is Rick Kaselj, and you have my word:

You will not regret reading this short presentation. It could SECURE your independence, and even SAVE your life.

The reason I have 105,000 people reading my content daily, is that I do the research most professionals never uncover:

This Shocking University of Toronto
Research Revealed the REAL Reason
Seniors Fall… And the Gentle New Solution

For decades, experts thought poor vision, poor fitness, and brittle bones caused falls… (8)

They tried fixing the nationwide epidemic with awareness campaigns about dangerous throw rugs, vision checks, and “fall proofing” your home. (9)(10)

And for years in exercise and physical therapy:

Fall prevention was almost ENTIRELY lower-body focused… (11)(12)

The logic wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t right either:

“If we stabilize the knees, hips & ankles…. that will prevent any chance of a fall.”

But these are not the real reasons why you fall…

Not only have fall fatalities skyrocketed  over the past decade… they’re expected to increase to 7 deaths every hour in coming years. (13)

After learning this…

And after the close call with my mom...

I knew I couldn’t rest until I uncovered the REAL root cause of why seniors fall.

So I dove into every piece of research I could find...

Practiced my ideas on my own clients…

Tested and retested… until finally, I’d found it.

Falling is NOT due to poor fitness…poor vision… or brittle bones…

Or even “balance” as you normally think of it.

The problem actually lies in your sensory system. (2)

Buried deep in the research, I found a passage that explained it in plain English:

“The sensory system detects when a person is losing balance. [This includes] receptors in muscles and joints that sense motion and pressure sensors in the soles of the feet.

All those sensory elements have to work properly for the brain to detect a loss of balance.

And when it does, it must process that information quickly to tell the muscles to stabilize the body by taking a step or grabbing an object for support.”

- Dr. Brian Maki, University of Toronto, Award-Winning Fall Researcher

When you begin losing balance, your sensory system is your first line of defense. (2)

In a person with good balance — this system talks to your brain quickly — like a high-speed freeway.

In other words:

  • If the “danger signal” moves quickly
  • Then your body reacts quickly
  • Before a fall can happen.

If your sensory system is too slow, then your body can’t react in time.

(When life and death is a matter of milliseconds, you need this system to fire on all cylinders.)

But, thanks to the breakthrough research I uncovered about seniors in their 60s, 70’s, and 80’s…

I developed a gentle set of exercise moves called the “Balance Switch”, that...

Speeds up your senses & cuts down your risk of falling

This new type of training is scientifically PROVEN to lower your risk of falling.

And you can do it all without heavy lifting, pounding cardio, or even getting up out of your chair...

Because I’ve boiled down the proven science into a simple series of gentle moves.

Amazingly, you can use it to lower your fall risk in just 10 minutes a day.

Now, I’d like to introduce my proudest creation to date.

Why Removing Rugs
Is a “Band-Aid” Solution That
Doesn’t Solve the ROOT Problem

Your doctor means well, but he probably doesn’t know the TRUTH about falling. See, you’ve heard about removing rugs or improving lighting. Not bad advice by any means...

But the REAL reason older adults fall has LESS to do with floor clutter… and EVERYTHING to do with a “switch” in your brain.

Luckily, you’ll discover how in this easy-to-perform movements…

I’m calling it the “S.P.R.Y. Switch” — scroll below to unlock it, plus a FREE $19 bonus if you act today.

This 4-Step “S.P.R.Y. Switch”
Optimizes Your Mind-Body Connection
So You Scientifically Reduce
Your Chance of Tumbling

This is the “Balance Switch” I’ve been telling you about today.

I spent the last 6 years researching, planning, developing, and fine-tuning this 4-stage program — just for people like you:

Seniors or people over the age of 55 who want to spend their golden years happy & independent

...instead of rotting away in a hospital bed

So if you have ten minutes, you can get started TODAY.

All for less than a pair of movie tickets.

Let’s look at the first step of this gentle new movement sequence:


For years, most balance training was taught “below the waist”.

But the truth is, your CORE is perhaps the most critical body part for balance. (14)(15)

Please, forget everything you may have learned in high-paced workout programs… that is not what we’ll be covering.

Here’s a glimpse of how this component is structured:

  • There are NO sit ups, crunches, or crazy kickboxing moves. It’s all LOW impact, and incredibly gentle...
  • Some of these moves are as EASY as passing the bread basket to the person next to you at the dinner table…
  • This step strengthens your core & rebalances your center of gravity… so you can pull your body upright if you lose balance

Remember, you don’t need “beach body” abs to stabilize your body against falls. You just need these fun, easy, balance-specific ab movements.

The second step of the method is…



Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it...

All you need to know is, when you work through the 4 simple stages of today’s method:

You clean out “gunk” in your brain’s “pipes”...

So balance flows freely as if in your 20’s.

It’s natural for this communication to break down over time. (2)

But now, you can use these proprioception moves to speed up that communication flow…

So your body knows where it is in space. This mind-body awareness REDUCES your risk of falling substantially. (2)

R.esponse training:

As you’ve likely noticed, most “balance training” focuses 100% on the lower body.

But really, balance is a full-body equation.

(Don’t worry, I won’t make you do any math!)

The upper body is JUST as important, because it paves the mind-body pathway between your brain, your hands, and your arms. (16)

And what do you use to grab a railing or a wall if you feel unsteady? Your hands!

Seems simple, I know —

But these simple moves QUICKEN the response to your hands & arms when you’re unbalanced… so you can steady yourself before you spill.

Y.oung Bones:

The final step might sound a bit funny, but I assure you:

This method increases bone density, so your bones literally become harder...

And, as you might guess, LESS prone to breaking.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation confirmed  it: (17)(18)

ALL the moves in the S.P.R.Y. Switch are recommended if you have low bone density or if you’ve recently broken a bone.

Can you imagine it?

The FREEDOM of knowing your body is protected… from the inside out?

Not only is it possible…

You could enjoy this unbelievable sense of security starting TODAY.

Because I’m proud to announce my latest program. It’s the ONLY way to enjoy my new “S.P.R.Y. Switch”.

I’m calling it the:

Balance Training Handbook

If you want to fend off falls today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your years…

Then this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

It’s the first program scientifically proven to lower your risk of falling...

And it’s all assembled into a simple program that takes only 10 minutes from any chair.

The revolutionary “Balance Switch” inside contains a remarkably effective set of moves that improve your sensory communication & cuts down your risk of falling.

There’s absolutely no cardio, heavy lifting, or excessive sweating either…

Because I’ve designed this program to be suitable for ANY fitness level.

That’s right, it doesn’t matter if you’re in your 40s or your 80s…

If you haven’t been to the gym in a decade (or ever)...

If you’ve fallen before… if you have osteoporosis… or “brittle bones”...

This Balance Switch activates your sensory communication… to speed up your brain-body communication and improve your balance… all you have to do it turn it on.

Which means the Balance Training Handbook will work for you.

I’ve designed it to be so simple you can do it from a chair… and in just a few minutes a day. Within a week, you’ll begin feeling:

  • More confident & secure with every step…
  • Less pain in your joints & muscles…
  • Increased flexibility & mobility…

Imagine it:

Knowing you’ll never need a cane to get around…

… shampooing your hair - eyes closed - perfectly balanced…

… WOW-ing your family with smooth grace in your stride…

… dancing again at weddings…

… returning to activities you once enjoyed (like hiking, running, or working out)

Yet that’s only the beginning, because you’ll also be fortifying your mind and body against the ever-present risk of falling that sends 3 million seniors to the E.R. each year.

Finally, you’ll feel SAFE again. At ease in your movements… as if in your 20s.

Flowing through your days — now filled with FUN — because you’re no longer stressed at every step.

You’ll be fully independent & free...
while most your age will stumble helplessly
as they inevitably land in a nursing home

The secret is in the special assortment of moves inside today’s program.

One you can’t get anywhere else.

A creation I hold close to my heart, because my own mother very recently experienced a horrifying fall.

(Thankfully, she recovered in 6 months…

… but it’s hard to say whether she’ll ever be the same, mentally.)

Now, I’d like to show you the main components of this revolutionary program.

Phase 1: Seated Chair Movements

  • Simple shoulder shrugs you can do in the car, watching TV... even in your favorite easy chair (Move #1)
  • How to use a soup can from your pantry to speed up your brain-body connection... so you can easily steady yourself in any scenario
  • No HUFFING or PUFFING required — every single movement takes less than 10 seconds. Do it from the seated comfort of your kitchen chair

In Phase 2: Seated Stability Ball

  • Easy ab raises firm your core without hard situps or crunches... as you reduce your fear of falling
  • MERGE your mind & body by imagining these “mental pictures”. Enhances your balance with no movement whatsoever (Move #3)
  • “Hula-Hoop” your way to spinal stability with this fun hula-hoop required! (Move #2)

In Phase 3: Static Standing

  • Breeze your way up and down stairs or ramps...carefree as a kid on Christmas morning...with THIS 4-inch foot lift move
  • This “wall ball” secret of pro soccer goalies QUICKENS your hand reflexes to grab railings in an emergency (works at ANY fitness level, see move #8)
  • EASY knee raises (Move #4) kick your instincts into action so you can take that LIFE-SAVING split-second step you need to stop falls.

In Phase 4: Dynamic Standing

  • Learn how to quickly react to dangerous uneven surfaces with simple standing and walking movements
  • Strengthen your lower body through natural mobility exercises to boost single leg balance, strengthen your hips, stabilize your core, and sky ROCKET endurance.

BONUS Variations That Work
For ANY Fitness Level

Almost every move comes standard with simple variations to make the exercises easier or harder…

That means you can ALWAYS adjust the program to your speed & comfort level…

Progress at your own pace and see amazing results within 7 days.

Scroll below to uncover your special FREE $19 Bonus, just for viewing today’s presentation!

Unlike other programs that focus on dangerous and time consuming exercises...

The Balance Switch retrains your brain to prevent falls through simple movements ANYONE can do.

By now, you know the risk of falling.

And the harsh reality that life can change in a blink.

A matter of inches...a false step...

...and you become one of the sad statistics you learned today.

So what’s it worth to you? By now, you may be wondering...

So how much does it cost?
(the answer may surprise you)

One hour working with me 1-on-1 would cost you $300.

That’s because I spent nearly a decade studying kinesiology...

Earning my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science...

And then working hands on with thousands of clients for the last 25 years.

So people gladly pay my rate, because I give them real-life RESULTS.

(Just like the results you’ll get if you join me today.)

But before I tell you the incredibly affordable price of this program...

Look at some of the breathtaking results these older Americans experienced:

Alicia Donner from Palo Alto, CA says:

“I can't recommend this enough for a person who can't do heavy exercise. These are chair exercises done while sitting but don't look down your nose at that.

We are using this for a 96 year old woman who enjoys them and feels good afterward. It is truly helping her strength and balance.”

Harold Pivovar from Bozeman, MT says:

“After just a few weeks I am much stronger, more graceful and much more secure in my balance.”

Patty Motsinger says:

“The most important gain has been in Mom's balance and stability. She can now get out of her recliner easily, and she's much less tottery when she walks.”

But you won’t pay anything NEAR $300 for today’s potentially life changing solution.

You won’t pay the $100/hour physical therapists charge, either.

In fact, my entire system will cost you less than a pair of movie tickets.

And when you compare that to a broken hip... skull fracture, or costs virtually nothing at all.

Using today’s simple method is like “insurance for your hip”. Feel a wave of confidence wash over your… a new grace in your step … as these simple chair exercises prevent you ending up here.

How can I afford to sell this at such a bargain?

Because my goal is to help save as many lives as humanly possible… and to prevent terrifying falls like the one my mother took. I know if I can do that, I’ll have a client for life.

Remember: ANY person at any age can use this immediately to start improving strength and balance.

Start off at the level you’re most comfortable… and then progress from there at your own pace, with zero pressure at all.

Each move comes with detailed instructions so you always understand WHAT you’re doing and WHY you’re doing it.

It’s like having me in the room with you… at a fraction of the usual price tag.

But before I get into what you can expect to pay today, let me tell you about a special bonus I’d like to give you if you act now.

BONUS GIFT: Floor Core Exercises
($19 Value — Yours FREE)

If you are more advanced and want to improve your balance even further...

Or you just like the idea of toning your tummy from the comfort of your living room carpet...

...then I have the PERFECT gift for you.

I typically sell these higher level exercises to serious students for $19 or more. But if you order today, I’ll include Floor Core Exercises for NO extra cost.

Now if you want to just do the exercises in Balance Training Handbook, that’s NO problem at all.

Your balance will improve dramatically... and your risk of falling will be reduced to near zero.

But the more I thought about it, that wasn't good enough for me.

Because I want you to have the best balance of your life...

If you want the strongest defense against fall injuries...and you’d like to take it a step further — then this is the perfect gift for you

Order today, and you’ll get everything I just mentioned for just $19.

Here’s how it works:

Click the button to ensure you receive your Balance Training Handbook and Floor Core Exercises today!

Once you do, you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page, trusted by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see this:

With your copy of the Balance Training Handbook you’ll build your confidence quickly…

As your mind-body connection improves to prevent falls. Plus, you’ll not only feel better and more secure, but you’ll look great too!

Look, I’ve worked personally with thousands of folks like you...

And because I’m so confident you’ll feel stronger and safer, you’ll also get a 60-Day money back guarantee.

We’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

Even better, I want you to keep EVERYTHING if you’re not 100% satisfied.

So now, it’s unquestionably clear that one fall could change EVERYTHING.

And it could happen to you tomorrow... heck, even today.

But for a measly $19, you could prevent all that with 1 simple decision.

So when you have literally nothing to lose... yet potential years (even decades) to gain... you must be asking...

“Where do I want to be a year from now?”

You Could Be Bedridden, Eating Through
A Straw in Your Assisted-Living Bed…

OR With This 1 Small Step Today, You Can
KEEP Your Independence In YOUR Hands
(Where it Belongs)

My own mother told me she felt like a prisoner inside her own home.

… trapped and frightened to death of taking a shower...

… even more terrified to take the steps into the garage.

I tell you this because I NEVER want you to live that way. Paralyzed by fear. Hesitant at every step.

And that’s why I designed every move in the Balance Training Handbook specifically to boost your mind-body connection...

In a way that’s scientifically PROVEN to lower your risk of falling.

The way I see it, you have 2 options right now:

You could close this page and go on living the way you always have...

But eventually, you will be forced deeper into your own home by fear…

Far away from the friends & hobbies that once filled your life with joy.

Maybe you don’t see friends or family as often as you’d like, but you’ve told yourself it’s okay because you don’t want to risk falling.


You can choose to take back control of your life. The choice to NEVER end up helpless and not in control.

With one click today, you could taste the freedom you once knew...

The choice is yours, so do you really want to take chances with your health?

Try out the Balance Training Handbook risk-free today for the incredibly low price of $19.

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This is the first time I’ve released this program to the public, so I don’t know how long I can offer it at this price.

So please, don’t hesitate. Make this the moment you decided to seize back your independence.

I’ve seen too many people go from carrying the groceries one day... to becoming unable to feed themselves the next.

I know, it happened to my mom. And it could happen to you or a loved one you hold dear.

You’re getting real, tested techniques that I’ve used on hundreds of my clients… techniques I’ve spent hundreds of hours perfecting.

That’s why I feel so confident offering a 60-day money back guarantee. There’s absolutely ZERO risk, so what do you have to lose?

Don’t roll the dice on your healthy life.

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To many more years of your healthy living,

Rick Kaselj

Rick Kaselj

P.S. 10 minutes a day is all you need to save your life. That’s all it takes to use my proven Balance Switch to prevent potentially fatal falls.

There’s no cardio or sweaty exercise at all… because the REAL reason seniors fall has nothing to do with brittle bones, lack of strength, or weak vision...and everything to do with your mind-body communication.

This series of simple moves & cognitive exercises can DRASTICALLY reduce your risk of falling. A University of Toronto doctor confirms it: 40% of seniors who fracture a hip will die within 6 months of injury.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t become another fall statistic. Order the Balance Training Handbook NOW to lower your risk of falling & secure your independence for as long as you live.

Secure Order Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

Special Discounted Price
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Get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to the Balance Training Handbook.
You get lifetime access to everything 24/7/365, on any computer or mobile device.

Still on the Fence? Let Me
Answer A Few Questions You
May Still Have

1. Will this program really help me regain my balance and prevent falls?

Yes absolutely. I’ve spent decades working with folks at risk for falling and I know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be safe just by adding railings or removing throw rugs. It takes much more than simple household fixes. Why? Because you can’t control your environment wherever you go, and you don’t want to be a prisoner inside your home.

I can help you quickly and easily learn how to build up your body’s natural ability to catch yourself before a major fall occurs. I’ll teach you a simple series of exercises you can perform inside your own home without getting all sweaty and with ZERO impact on your joints.

Yes! I want my Balance Training Handbook

2. What if I don’t like the results I’m getting?

No problem and no hard feelings. Simply let us know within 60 days of your order and we’ll return your $19 — no questions asked. You can even keep the Balance Training Handbook and the Floor Core Exercises in case you decide to give it another try down the road.

Yes! I want my Balance Training Handbook

3. If I haven’t exercised in years, is this something I can actually do?

Yes! In fact, I designed every exercise specifically for folks who haven’t been to the gym in years (if ever) and want to prevent a fall. Every exercise is so gentle you won’t even break a sweat. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment either. Just simple, highly efficient exercises you can use to change your life.

Yes! I want my Balance Training Handbook

4. Are the exercises safe and low impact?

Every exercise is little to no impact so there’s virtually no risk to your joints.

Safety was a top concern when designing this program. There’s no sense in prescribing high impact, potentially harmful exercises for folks looking to build their balance and prevent falls. You won’t find anything strange or dangerous here, just gentle balance boosting exercises.

Yes! I want my Balance Training Handbook

5. How long does it take to work?

You’ll start feeling results in 7 days. I do recommend giving each phase of the program at least a couple weeks before progressing onwards. It’s important to go at your own pace and never feel rushed for results.

Yes! I want my Balance Training Handbook

6. Why does this work better than other programs?

Other programs focus solely on lower body movements. Or, they use intense, potentially dangerous moves that can hurt seniors. Many inexperienced personal trainers assume they must build their client’s leg strength to prevent falls.

This is inaccurate and dangerous. Your ability to catch yourself and prevent a fall comes from recognizing where your body is in space and your core strength. My program ensures you work on both the cognitive and physical training — which turns on your Balance Switch to lower your risk of falling.

Yes! I want my Balance Training Handbook

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