REVEALED: The SECRET To Treat And Beat Plantar Fasciitis In Just 90 Seconds!

Discover the hidden cause of your heel and foot pain along with the little known science based pain-curing secrets

OUCH! My foot is killing me!

OUCH! My foot is killing me!

Hi, I'm Rick Kaselj and this is very embarrassing for me to admit. For almost six months straight I'd wake up every morning and the moment my right foot hit the floor I felt the electric shock of pain shoot through my body.

I suffered from plantar fasciitis, intense burning and pain in my heel and bottom of my foot. And I had ignored the pain as it crept on for so long that it had gotten unbearable to walk on.

So why is this confession of pain so embarrassing? Because I’m the guy that athletes and busy business executives turn to when they have injuries and want to get active and pain free again.

And here I was… in pain… and without a solution.

As the weeks wore on my pain level grew from annoying to bothersome to “I can’t stand this anymore!” I knew I was suffering from plantar fasciitis.

So, I tried all the conventional treatments like time consuming doctor visits, expensive physical therapy treatments, custom orthotics and funny gadgets for plantar fasciitis but nothing helped…and in fact, my foot pain got worse.

People in the office were asking what I had done and why was I limping all the time?

At one point, it was so painful to walk that when I went home all I wanted to do was put my foot up. My wife, sons and my dog were all annoyed that I could not do anything anymore.

Our walks in the park became less frequent and tedious. I would hobble to the first bench I could find like an old man and watch while everyone else had fun.

Finally, my wife had enough. She insisted that if I couldn’t heal myself then I had to see a foot doctor.


I was desperate for a solution that didn’t involve the risks of surgery or those long needles in my heel.

I was also worried about the cost of doctors and loss of pay. I couldn’t afford to take off from work for foot pain or surgery.

But I could not ignore the excruciating, throbbing pain anymore either, so I became my own patient.

I had to come up with a better solution than surgery. I was scared to risk it because I had heard horror stories from my patients who failed o recover completely!

It took two months of my spare time researching all of the medical journals I could find on plantar fasciitis.I almost gave up when I found an oldarticle that changed all of my thinking and my pain.


It was like the magic fix!

I took this one simple technique from the research paper and I learned how to work out my plantar fasciitis pain almost immediately.

I had discovered “Stacking”, a particular precise order of manipulating, stretching and exercising parts of the foot and ankle to give almost instant relief from plantar fasciitis pain.

Why had no one discovered this before? Probably because it goes against common methods of treatment.

I was amazed! My heel pain reduced to about 80% in only 48 hours! I kept at it and by the end of the week I was pain-free!

Now I wake up each morning with no foot pain, and I have been able to return to hiking, playing with mysons and dog and taking walks at the park with my wife, Karlene. I do what I want without even thinking about my foot anymore.

I thought it might just be coincidence, so I showed my 90-second Plantar Fasciitis Fix to three patients and friends who also suffered from it.

Here’s what they had to say…

“My left foot was very painful before you showed me yourPlantar Fasciitis "90 Second Fix & 7 Day Cure" program. I play sports and could barely walk for two days and getting out of bed was also very painful. I used the 90-second pain relief alone, and it helped relieve the pain right away and after playing sports I feel better and the pain is not as intense. I thought I would just have to retire due to foot pain, butnow my pain is gone with your program. It has helped me a lot.

Thank you, Rick!”

Audal Acosta

Hi Rick,

I have a 14-month-old case of Plantar Fasciitis and have been frustrated to no end. I have tried just about all the “cures” and options out there on how to solve the problem. I have done various stretching regimens, tried strengthening the fascia, used custom orthotics, employed Active Release Technique from a qualified therapist, ice, rollers, taping, anti-inflammatories, etc. Nothing worked until I bought your program. Plain and simple, your program works!

Bob Hensler, Masters Degree in Phys. Ed. From Indiana Univ. and subsequently taught in the P.E. Dept. at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Dear Rick,

I am a former fitness instructor, now 50 years old, working as a recreational programmer. I purchased your "90 Second Fix & 7 Day Cure" program to help myself heal from plantar fasciitis, recently diagnosed for the first time. The best thing about the program is that it starts to work quickly. I have already started to notice improvement.  I would describe the Plantar Fasciitis program as a simple but effective scientifically based program, that anyone can do at home or the gym. My heel says, “Thank You, Rick!”

Sue, Former Fitness Instructor

How Did I Discover These Little Known Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Secrets?

You see, I'm an Injury Specialist, Kinesiologist and Exercise Therapist and it's my job to know how to fix and prevent plantar fasciitis. Since 1994, I have helped thousands of patients overcome many types of injuries.

You could imagine my frustration when I tried using the traditional methods I was taught to heal my pain. Boy, was I mistaken. Every morning was agony, especially that excruciating first step. Each step after that was like walking on eggshells trying to put as little weight on that foot as possible.

painMaybe you can relate to this? If you have Plantar Fasciitis, then you know the shooting, burning, nail-in-the-heel pain. Your foot aches, swells and throbs all day long even when you are sitting.

You are crippled, standing on one leg like a flamingo while the other foot feels like someone is beating the bottom of it with a hammer.

It’s embarrassing to know people are watching you hobble around.

What’s worse is you stop having fun… your lifestyle begins to suffer and you stop doing the usual thingsthat you normally do. That’s no way to live.

It was through sheer desperation that I discovered this 90 second Plantar Fasciitis fix. This one breakthrough, cut my pain and discomfort by 80% in just two days. By the end of the week I was pain-free!

For years they've taught us to treat Plantar Fasciitis with various stretches and flexing techniques. These old traditional modalities have helped some people to reduce their pain temporarily...

…however, for most Plantar Fasciitis sufferers like you and me, the pain and discomfort continues and often times gets worse.

The solution I had discovered is a technique, which I found in a thirty-year-old article from a prominent medical journal. It is so contrary to modern treatments that it was dismissed and forgotten until I tried it on my own foot.

The article explained the use of stacking treatments like building a house.

The Science Behind How The Stacking Technique Works

pain-reliefThe SECRET to the 90 Second Plantar Fasciitis Fix is to “stack” the gentle movements of the Plantar Fasciitis Exercises in a particular order, so they build on each other, improving flexibility and elasticity with continued use.

Since the exercises are “stacked” in a particular order... this program rapidly speeds healing pain relief, in only seven days or less, no matter how bad your foot problem is.

Conversely, if you don’t do these exercises in the right order, it is like building a house with the roof first. It won’t work.

So What Is This New Plantar Fasciitis Program That Will Provide Pain Relief In Just 90 Seconds? I'd Like To Introduce You To...

This new, “90 Second Plantar Fasciitis Fix,” has worked wonders for me and my patients.  I want to make it available to everyone who is suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. This program will end their pain and suffering, giving people their normal life back again.

Let Me Tell You What You Will Receive With My 90 Second Plantar Fasciitis Fix Program

You get the “90 Second Plantar Fasciitis Fix Quick Start Video!” This video demonstrates every technique you need to know that will fix your Plantar Fasciitis quickly!

In this easy to follow, step by stepvideo, you will see each and every pain relieving exercise and stretch that cured my Plantar Fasciitis in just seven days

You also receive the “7-Day Plantar Fasciitis Permanent Pain Elimination Program!”  This video shows you in depth the right sequence and the correct exercises to cure and prevent Plantar Fasciitis from ever coming back.

I show you the right and wrong exercises, movements and footwear that you need to know to avoid retriggering your Plantar Fasciitis in the future.

And When You Take Action Today — You Will Get This BONUS

During my research, I discovered certain foods were to blame for aggravating ligament pain and swelling in the fascia. The body needs certain nutrients to heal itself while other foods can contain potentially harmful ingredients that inflame and aggravate.

As a bonus, when you order the 90 Second Plantar Fasciitis Fix, I will add my report, “10 Worst & Best foods for Plantar Fasciitis!” at no cost. That is $29 value that makes this package a holistic healing therapy.

Initially, I charged $99 for the 90 Second Plantar Fasciitis Fix, and people who bought and used it were grateful. I wanted to help more Plantar Fasciitis sufferers, so I am reducing the price to $47 for a limited time to help more sufferers take advantage of this life-changing program.

Remember, you are going to get two, easy to use, easy to follow videos that will have you pain-free in seven days. Plus a free bonus report, “10 Worst & Best foods for Plantar Fasciitis!”

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I am so confident that the 90 Second Plantar Fasciitis Fix will help you heal your plantar fasciitis, I offer a Full Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t feel complete relief within sevendays, I will give you back every penny. It’s that effective.

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Just Imagine You Will...

  • Get access to my information instantly and start fixing your foot pain TODAY
  • Have the chance to repeat my success and become pain-free
  • Download and watch the videos from anywhere and do these simple exercises right at your desk at work or while sitting at home – they’re quick and easy
  • Just need 5 minutes of 90-second techniques only three times a day is all it takes
  • Be pain-free in only seven days, running with your kids, walking the dogs, golfing and doing whatever you like to do without ever being limited by pain again
  • No more expensive doctors, physical therapists or long term courses to attend
  • No need to undergo risky surgeries
  • And You absolutely DON’T have to endure the nagging pain forever

Join the thousands that have extinguished Plantar Fasciitis pain for good.

Go ahead, order now and get pain from starting today!

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Rick Kaselj

Master Trainer & Injury Expert
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  • q-iconHow long before I see results?

    As you follow the science based stacking method, you will feel better in just seconds. I did not say that your pain would be completely gone but I am certain that you will feel a great difference as you begin your journey to a pain-free life.

  • q-iconWill this program work for me?

    Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70. This will work for people at any age level from teenagers to the golden years. Regardless of your gender, age and health condition, this system will work for you!

  • q-iconDo I need special equipment for this program?

    No, many of the pieces of equipment suggested are commonly found around the house or can be found at a department store for a few dollars.

  • q-iconI want to start getting results now, do I have to wait for you to ship me the program before I get started?

    The entire program will be available right after you place your secured order… no shipping fees, no need to wait for anything in the mail. This program is 100% digital which means you will get INSTANT ACCESS to everything in PDF and MP4 formats that you can view on any device anywhere at any time. You can start using the system TODAY!

  • q-iconWhat happens if I am not satisfied with the program?

    If you follow the program as outlined and for any reason you’re not happy, then you will get a 100% of your money back right away! Just email us at support(at) or call us at (888) 291-2430 with your name, email address and order number. Then, we will make a prompt and no-questions asked refund. Believe me, I’m so excited about this program, all I want is the opportunity to prove to you that it works. You are completely protected with an Ironclad 100% money back guarantee so that you risk nothing.

    It’s that simple…

    Either you get great results and love it or you pay nothing!

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